Steps to Request a CGTV Announcement

1)      Enter in your browser.

2)      In the password field, enter the teacher password.
   (same as last year)

3)      Click “Login Now!” to login to the system

4)      Then, simply complete the online form.

a.   Enter your name in the “Teacher’s Name” field.
b.   Enter your telephone extension in the “Ext.” field
c.   Enter your e-mail address in the “Email Address” field.
d.   Select the category for your announcement.
e.   Click the “Select Day” button to select the
      date(s) you want the announcement to run.
f.    Enter a subject/title for your announcement.
g.   Enter the content for the announcement.
h.   Click on “Request Announcement” to complete the form.

5)   You will then receive an e-mail at the e-mail address you provided confirming
the announcement you just submitted.  You may then follow the directions in
the e-mail you receive to either edit or delete the announcement prior to the
day it is scheduled to be run.

 If you are still having problems, please feel free to contact CGTV.